Is your home page driving visitors away?

When a visitor lands on your home page, you have about 60 seconds to engage his or her interest. If the first thing they read is something along these lines:

We are a registered NPO that has been serving the needs of Durban's children for the past 67 years. Our Mission is to ....

... sorry - they're gone.

Fact is, your home page is not about you. Copy and paste this information onto your 'About us' page where is belongs – and give some thought to how you can engage your visitor's attention, keeping in mind that what interests all of us most is ourselves.

Imagine your visitor asking these questions: "What’s has this to do with me?" ... "Why should I care?" ... "What can I do?" ... "How will that make me feel?" Use emotional words and stories to connect with the visitor on a personal level, and move them towards the desired result - making a donation.

If you don't believe this, take a look at a commercial website like Woolworths. Their home page talks directly to the visitor: Here's how you can look good ... are you interested in fashion? ... in food? See how easy it is to shop online, and so on.