Get the word out

Regardless of how wonderful your website is, it just 'sits there'. You can increase your chances of fundraising success by aggressively growing an email list of donors and potential donors and sending them regular communications. Ideally you need to be sending an email every two weeks or at least once a month. Otherwise, your supporters may forget all about you!


Every email you send out must have an opt-out link for donors who no longer want to receive mail. But you can greatly reduce the chances of recipients hitting this link by making each email interesting and donor-focussed. Use short, intriguing subject lines (no more than 40 characters) and never include an attachment. Many people are wary of attachments which may contain viruses, and some companies block them.


If you want to create awareness for an organisation that is not well known, consider 'pay-per-click' advertising on Google or Facebook. Since you only pay for the advert is someone clicks on the link to your website, this is a most cost effective form of advertising. However, it is unlikely to generate donations initially - so don't embark on a campaign in the belief that you will recoup the cost in donations.